Sparkle Ballet Dress
Sparkle Ballet Dress
AUD 49.95
Stegosaurus Cape
Stegosaurus Cape
AUD 39.99
Primrose Fairy Dress
Primrose Fairy Dress
AUD 61.95
Gum Drop Dress
Gum Drop Dress
AUD 40.00
SpellBound Dress
SpellBound Dress
AUD 45.00


Mobile Butterfly
AUD 45.95
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Three beautiful color changing butterflies that appear to float gracefully in the air.    One of our most popular designs, this is the ultimate gift for girls 0 – 99!

Lit by color changing LED.  This design cycles through all of the colors of the spectrum.


3 x 10mm thick acrylic shapes, suspended by micro wire from an acrylic ring and battery pod.  Butterflies are 60mm high.  Full length of item (from battery pod to bottom of last design) is between 700mm and 750mm.

Power Requirements: 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Batteries (Alkaline) will last approximately 30 – 50 hours.  Rechargeable batteries can be used.

Postage Weight: ranges from 0.3kg to 0.6kg depending on design. Deluxe packaging. Lightweight for easy hanging and cheap posting!

Safety Features and information

Colour changing LED; emit NO Heat, regardless of how long they are left on.

LED’s are extremely gentle on delicate eyes.

Fun 10mm thick acrylic shapes will never shatter or smash.  CE and Australian standards tested for absolute safety.

Hang securely out of reach of children.  This item is delicate, be gentle with the micro wires when removing from packaging and hanging the light. (See the warranty conditions)